How Many Tesla Models Are There

Tesla Car Models List. Tesla, founded in 2003, debuted their first car, the Tesla Roadster. Lithium-ion battery cells are initially used by the first Tesla cars and the pioneer invention EV with a range bigger than 320 km per charge. 2,250 Roadsters have already been sold in more than 31 countries. There are four models, with a number of different versions to choose from. All the ranges given are Tesla’s cited ranges from its US pages, but vary depending on driving style and environmental Model 3 rollout. When asked when the company would reach a production level of 10,000 units per week, he declined to speculate. For Q2 2018, Tesla reported delivery of 28,578 model 3 vehicles, which exceeded combined Model S and X production (24,761), almost three times the amount of Model 3’s than in Q1. The Model 3 Tracker launched in February 2018 after Tesla created something no other automaker could claim: an electric car that hundreds of thousands of people lined up to buy. Tesla is on a serious roll – it sold almost as many cars in 2018 as it sold in all the years since its founding in 2003. The big question now is, will this level of Model 3 demand hold up? Tesla plays by a different rulebook than nearly all other automakers, so it’s difficult to track changes by model year. The Model 3 launched in 2017 in limited numbers as an all-new, from-scratch vehicle, and any given example’s model year corresponds to when it was built. .


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